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All classes are interactive- Your participation will be your greatest return

Today’s Small Businesses regularly contend with their own unique set of challenges. Internal leadership alignment, product development/awareness, marketing, and strategically building and sustaining loyal client/vendor relationships are all key components to a prosperous business.

Bonsai Leadership’s Business and Strategic Planning Course can help you and your Business “breakthrough” to that next level of sustainable growth and profitability.

Week 1 What is my business?

  • Who does it serve?
  • How do my gifts, talents, and education align with my product/service to my client?
  • Who do I need to support the business and myself?

Week 2 Strategic Planning

  • Empower People
  • Align Principals
  • Enhance Processes

Week 3   Understand your financials

  • Ratio of sales to gross profits
  • Ratio of sales to operating expenses
  • Ratio of net profits to gross profits/operating expenses
  • Understand the financials for sustainability and profitability

Week 4   Sales, Marketing & Advertising

  • Capitalize technology
  • Optimize relationships
  • Added value

Classes will be via video conferencing and phone connection , Wednesdays 2 PM Eastern time zone unless private or other arrangements have been made.

All classes are interactive – Your participation will be your greatest return

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